Monday, January 26, 2015

SWR 2015 Electric Replica Contestants

Richard Dick - Strato Streak; Bob Galler - American Ace; Colin Widdison - Comet Clipper MK II; Vic Newton - Playboy; Luther Peters - Quaker; Steve Moskal - Comet Sailplane; Phil Pearce - Simplex

The weather was in the mid-70's on the day we flew the Electric Replica event. Our new location near Eloy, AZ pretty much resembled the old location on Toltec Road. This one was a challenge to find but well worth the effort. The free flight guys north of the the RC field were very helpful in directing me and Mary to the new RC location. Mary Moskal took this group shot before the three rounds were flown. Vic Newton put in a 13+ minute max to stay soundly in the lead. We'd like to state here that Vic knows he has to do some "work" recovering his Playboy. It could be that, when he ever gets to it, it may make his performance suffer and give the rest of us a chance.

The results as reported by Bob Galler:

Vic Newton 1st
Steve Moskal 2nd
Richard Dick 3rd
Phil Pierce 4th
Bob Galler 5th
Luther Peters 6th
Colin Widdison  (Had some trim issues and did not post a time.)

We heard Loren Kramer is working on his own ER model and look forward to seeing it.

Steve Moskal

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