Monday, June 3, 2013

And Bob continues with comments on the SAM RC glider rules:

Now to SAM rules
[Towline gliders are listed in the: SAM Approved Designs List ~ Rubber, HL Glider and Towline Glider]
SAM handbook: 9SG. O/T Glider (Not an engine powered event):-
A. Any glider designed or kitted before 1947, scaling OK.

B. Maximum wingspan = 120 inches, no minimum wing loading.

C. Precision event: 20-minute total of three flights (or less).

1. Time over 20 minutes, deducted from 20 minutes.

D. Tow release starts the clock.

E. High start or winch only. Max extended length = 700 feet.

F. Launch equipment supplied by CD or pilot.

For the 2013 Champs, the CD, who runs the event has added the restrictions:

1. High start only- I do not know why, I will discuss with him. A nice variable speed winch can save a lot of wings.

2. No aileron control, which is OK with me.

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