Monday, November 9, 2015

Electric Replica at SAM Champs 2015

This report from Bob Galler who attended the Champs:
This is a good photo showing all the models at the Champs in 36 inch Replica. We kept 2 minute run with 10 minute max.  For various reasons only 5 flew. The 5 that flew in order of finish:
Glen Poole
Luther Peters
Bob Raadts (Australia)
Richard Dick
Bob Galler

In the photo from left to right, (Note still trying to identify person in third rear to right of Mike Myers.)

Richard Dick with Kerswap
Kneeling Glen Poole with Fu Bar
Standing Mike Myers with Crusader
Kneeling Bob Galler with  American Ace
Standing behind ??
Standing next Alan Laycock with Le Timide
Standing behind Bob Raadts with Powerhouse
Standing Dale tower with  Stardust Special
Last Luther Peters with Gladiator