Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bob Galler & His MG-2

 Bob Galler recently finished his MG-2. We think it is for Speed 400. Bob reports - " Maiden flights on Monday. Used under sized prop. Could use a little right thrust, have glide setting fine. Will fly next week if weather ok. Sorry sun was in my eyes for photo."

Ah that New Mexico sun!

With all that wing working on the cabanes, Bob should have a real performer.

Your scribe has asked Bob to report on the dimensions, motor, RX, Baty, and other details so we can share with the rest of SAM. And two more photos by Bob.

Bob used carbon fiber for the cabane struts

Color scheme should work well when the MG-2 is at thermal height

The Comet Kid

(Photo Credit Robert Galler)
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