Monday, August 22, 2016

First Place Trophy - For Our Chapter's Fun Fly

This trophy/plaque is alderwood and the text plus graphics are laser cut. We are holding four events (see flyer) and this plaque is for the Old Timer Glider event. As you can see, we are being supported in major way by our host club, the Albuquerque Soaring Association.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Jim Correll's Miss World's Fair

Bob Galler writes: "That is Jim's Miss Worlds Fair by Jim Correll. Originally a rubber model. It is Hacker powered, and is the original size, though he said a larger wing is possible.  Instead of trying to control twin rudders which is problematical (makes for a tail heavy situation) Jim used ailerons . A great solution for RC electric.  And ailerons are legal for SAM competition. When we flew it, it seemed nose heavy or perhaps there's not enough decalage. Jim will make some adjustments and fly it again.

Photo by Bob Galler

Photo by Bob Galler

Photo by Bob Galler

Sunday, July 31, 2016


 Richard Dick and Bob Galler with their Spirit of SAM Wakefield Gulls. As Bob writes - "We are proud to keep them flying. Richard's Gull came from the late Buzz Averill and my model came from Phil Pearce."

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Bob Galler's Flamingo bipe - Part One

Starting the fuse next. The angles and dihedral have been worked out. The ribs from Bob were great. The support in middle is just for taking photo without support from fuse struts. My worktable is 5 feet. Onwards and upwards. Bob Galler

The top front portion of the Flamingo of one continuous piece of 5/322 balsa. First made of cardboard, then traced to balsa two 4 inch sheets joined, then balsa soaked overnight.  Now drying in place. After drying will be sanded for good fit and glued . The 2x Flamingo cockpit openings are so large that there is no need to make this piece removable as in Bowers smaller version. Bob Galler

Now this is what I call a pain in the neck. But After a lot of dremel sanding the aluminum struts and making cardboard and thin aluminum patterns it's close to within a degree or two. Some satisfaction in it not being an ARF. Bob Galler

Friday, May 6, 2016

SAM 100 OLD TIMER FUN FLY September 10 & 11


Electric LMR Gardner Turf Farm, McIntosh, NM $25.00 Covers Both Days
Speed 400
Map at Albuquerque Soaring Association Website :
AWARDS to 3rd Place
36" Electric Replica Motels Listed in Moriarty, NM AMA Sanction #1328
RC Old Time Glider*
*Woodies to 1988 Allowed
Limited camping no hookups Register at field
Pilots Meeting 8:30 AM
CD: Steve Moskal Cell:505-358-6653
Home: 505-298-7563

DIRECTIONS to the ASA Club Sod Farm:

Steve Moskal is the Contest Director 505-298-7563

AMA Sanction #1328 for this Class C event.

More information on the ASA club website
as well as this SAM 100 website

Monday, January 25, 2016

2016 Southwest Regionals - Eloy, Arizona

Steve Moskal, Electric Replica 1940 Comet Sailplane
Bob Galler and Speed 400 Airborn
Luther Peters and Electric Replica Gladiator
Richard Dick in the pit area
Richard Dick's Electric Replica Stratostreak
Steve Moskal's Electric Replica in Plane Perch