Sunday, December 9, 2012

Galler Dakota Is Completed!

Bob Galler reports: I took photos and flew today (Nov. 17) for the first time, I considered it a success after some last minute adjustments because nothing broke on landing though tail heavy. I will move the battery forward and use a larger prop. It's going to Eloy (Southwest Regionals Jan. 19, 20, & 21 in 2013) for a demo flight though this does not qualify as a true SAM plane since it was published in 1949. Will put more photos on a link soon. It was good to See Jim Correll and Brad at the sod farm today. Top wing 72", 1340 squares, weight 5.2 lbs, motor Rimfire .25, 2200 mAh 3 cell Turnigy Lipo Turnigy ESC, 12-8 prop going to 13-8 because cowl blocks a lot and it has plenty of power left. ROG'd fine today. Thanks to Buzz and Jim for advice.

Bob is a charter member of our SAM 100 group. It will be great to see this beauty take to the Arizona skies.
The Comet Kid

(Photos by Bob Galler)

The bare bones

Completed and "maidened" at BFP

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bob Galler's Dakota Bipe

Bob Galler's Dakota Bipe build in his own words:
"I hope to have it ready to fly when BFP (Balloon Fiesta Park) opens again early November. Lower wing mounting with nuts only done, then top wing. Both wings will be tied together with Dakota-looking struts which was not in the original frame.  I will cover with Ultracote- their transparent is OK, their solid is heavy, but will use it only on the fuselage. Made a steerable tail wheel because this will not be hand launched. Used Rimfire.25 motor, may go larger on the prop than the sizing program indicated because the cowling loses too much. Good for cooling, bad for thrust. Not for competition because it was released in 1949. But could be in Nostalgia. Maybe we could talk SAM RC to have a Nostalgia class? Right now it is legal for FF only."

Friday, August 10, 2012

Richard & Bob With New Models

Here is Richard Dick with new scaled down Playboy Sr., weighs 20oz. did 12 minutes on a 30 second motor run on Tuesday, July 10 at Balloon Fiesta Park.

Next Up!

Bob Galler with his Super Sinbad for RC, added ailerons. Bob reports: "The model is SAM legal, that is if the Old Time RC Glider event is held, usually only at the SAM Champs or in California, but we could have our own event in Albuquerque. Specs: Span 62", area 390 sq. in., weight 20 oz. Servos in wings for ailerons. Spektrum R/C equipment. Wing and tail covered with 1980's Micafilm." [Model will be given to Bob's brother at some point. He destroyed his brother's Sinbad when he was 14 with firecrackers!]

Back to Bob's comments: "After some trimming the last high start launch was reasonably good.  I do not expect it to win against a Thermic 100 RC though. Both photos taken 7/10/12 at the ABFP.
Lift that day was strong!"

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bob Galler & His MG-2

 Bob Galler recently finished his MG-2. We think it is for Speed 400. Bob reports - " Maiden flights on Monday. Used under sized prop. Could use a little right thrust, have glide setting fine. Will fly next week if weather ok. Sorry sun was in my eyes for photo."

Ah that New Mexico sun!

With all that wing working on the cabanes, Bob should have a real performer.

Your scribe has asked Bob to report on the dimensions, motor, RX, Baty, and other details so we can share with the rest of SAM. And two more photos by Bob.

Bob used carbon fiber for the cabane struts

Color scheme should work well when the MG-2 is at thermal height

The Comet Kid

(Photo Credit Robert Galler)
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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Avro 560 "bones"

Avro 560 by Buzz Averill
We love to see the bare bones of a new model. Note that Buzz has posed the new Avro 560 with the 3-view below. It was the basis of his plan.

The Comet Kid

(Photo Credit: Buzz Averill)
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Buzz and the Avro 560

Buzz Averill shows his Avro 560 for Speed 400 Scale Duration at the first meeting of SAM 100. On the couch during the "lecture" are Bob Gellar and Steve Riley. The Comet Kid is in the background behind Buzz. Buzz noted that he wanted to re-engineer the fuselage to follow the full-size practice of a totally stringered and built up structure. This in an attempt to counter that extremely short nose moment. His method of mounting the Speed 400 can and simulating the two cylinder Tomtit engine is really ingenious!
The little Avro 560 was the center of attention that evening

Posted by PicasaThe Comet Kid

(Photo Credit: Mary Moskal)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bob Gellar and his Electric Replica So Long

Bob Gellar of SAM 100 brought his little So Long to the SWR at Eloy, Arizona this January.

The Comet Kid

(Photo Credit: Mary Moskal)
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Inaugural Electric Replica at Southwest Regionals

The first to fly Electric Replica at the Southwest Regionals at Eloy, Arizona. From left to right: Luther Peters with a Zipper, Steve Moskal with a 1940 Comet Sailplane, Bob Gellar with a So Long, Richard Dick with a Brooklyn Dodger, and Phil Pearce with a Simplex. Vic Newton would join the group a bit later with his Playboy.

Significantly, no replicas of a rubber design were flown. Most flights were taken in the morning on Sunday. Scoring was one point per second with best two out of three official flights.

And the winners of the inaugural Electric Replica event were . . .

First - Vic Newton with his Playboy
Second - Steve Moskal  with his Sailplane
Third - Phil Pearce with his Simplex

Bob Galler pushed his So Long past Luther for a Fourth
Luther Peters and his Zipper was edged out to Fifth

Sadly, Richard Dick crashed on a test and did not fly.


Steve Moskal and Vic Newton return from the flight line. (Note those ubiquitous comfy chairs for long flights) His Playboy almost earned a max on his first flight.

Vic earned this First Place trophy. The same style was presented to the Second and Third Place winners. Notice the SAM 100 logo at top center. An outline of the State of New Mexico with a petroglyph Roadrunner. These laser etched alder wood plaques really caught the attention of the crowd.

What We Learned

A 10-minute max time does not easily allow this to be an event loaded with fly-off potential.
These little models have real charisma and can offer real performance.
Because they are limited to a 36" wing span, you do not want to get them in a killer thermal. The chance for losing such a small model is a real possibility.
Everyone who entered had fun and vowed to come back with a new model next time.

The Comet Kid
(Credit photos to Mary Moskal)