Sunday, April 19, 2015

Eugene 3 E-Wakefield

From Bob Galler:
The model is my new RC E-Wakefield and is powered by Maxx Products ACC337 - equivalent to the old Graupner Speed 300 motor . The model is a laser cut kit of the Eugene3 from Bob Holman. This model is not technically approved since it was discovered in Ed Lidgard's attic and drawn up by Jim O'Reilly. But the Eugene2 which it looks almost exactly the same is approved and is pre-WWII. I doubt if any RC guys will complain...especially since we went to 1950 as the new cut-off year.
Here's Bob's fuselage in the Holman laser-cut building fixture (AKA a jig)

Looks like Bob is using Monokote for the horizontal stabilizer tips of his Eugene 3.