Friday, August 10, 2012

Richard & Bob With New Models

Here is Richard Dick with new scaled down Playboy Sr., weighs 20oz. did 12 minutes on a 30 second motor run on Tuesday, July 10 at Balloon Fiesta Park.

Next Up!

Bob Galler with his Super Sinbad for RC, added ailerons. Bob reports: "The model is SAM legal, that is if the Old Time RC Glider event is held, usually only at the SAM Champs or in California, but we could have our own event in Albuquerque. Specs: Span 62", area 390 sq. in., weight 20 oz. Servos in wings for ailerons. Spektrum R/C equipment. Wing and tail covered with 1980's Micafilm." [Model will be given to Bob's brother at some point. He destroyed his brother's Sinbad when he was 14 with firecrackers!]

Back to Bob's comments: "After some trimming the last high start launch was reasonably good.  I do not expect it to win against a Thermic 100 RC though. Both photos taken 7/10/12 at the ABFP.
Lift that day was strong!"