Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bob Galler & Cumulus

Bob Galler reports on his flights of his new Cumulus
"Flew yesterday(August 19), more realistic than most, Buzz started the model, and I finished it. Needed a slight amount of nose weight more, can move servo battery forward which should achieve it. Glide was nice, not as stable on climb as the pylon models to be expected, but the doped rip-stop looks almost like silk. Will be a good backup to a couple other contest models I have for RC electric; probably SAM LMR. For SAM Texaco I would go to a larger prop and gearbox. It had no problem at all with ROG on wet grass at our sod farm (Moriarty, NM)! It's fun to fly bigger ship."

Editor's Note: Bob has really come up with a great color combination here. It should stand out at altitude.