Friday, April 19, 2013

Richard Dick and his new Playboy Sr.
Richard Dick is leading the way with yet another Playboy from his growing stable of Playboys. Here's the data from Richard: "Some specs on the 80" Playboy. Motor - Hacker A30-10L. Prop - 11x8 (temporary till I get it launching well). ESC - Turnigy 40A Plush. Battery - 1000mAh 20C 2S (temporary), Covering - Ultracote transparent, Kit - Cleveland Playboy Senior GP-5017, Weight - ready-to-fly 52 oz (Heavy, like Republic Aircraft Co designed and built airplanes) The 1000mAh pack meets SAM rules for a 2S battery and 800mAh for a 3S. I programed the Winged Shadow for 200 m and 90 seconds that is mounted in my 67" Playboy. The 90 second mode works while the 200 m mode needs testing."

There you have it! Thanks to Richard for all the details on his new model.

The Comet Kid