Monday, December 29, 2014

SAM 2015 Electric Rules

(Editor's Note: Just in case you lost your copy of the rules published in SAM Speaks...)

More About SOS From Jack Hiner

(Editor's Note: Jack Hiner has been making a careful study of SOS potential subjects vis a vis the new battery rules. He has taken the scientific method of testing motors, ESCs, and batteries.)


I soldered up test jumpers today so I could get an amp reading with the Thunder Power 160mAh 25C single cell Lipo.

The motor is an XP7-A ESC, Silver Bullet outrunner and GWS 6/5 prop.  This is the set up I use in my Miss Production for SOS tests this year.

I tried two T. P. 160 single cell packs and the highest amp reading at start up was 2.12 amps.  Second cell a bit lower.

So the XP-3A ESC should work for SOS.  Mike McIntyre may have other recommendations for ESC and SOS for 2015.

Glen Poole and I both flew SOS last time in early November.  When Glen flew early in the morning the temperature was in the upper 20's.

I waited until it warmed up to about 41 degrees and made my flights after Glen left for home.

My SOS Miss Production is ready for 2015 rules and I plan on flying it a Eloy in January, 2015.


Single Cell Chargers - A Working Review From Jack Hiner

(Editor's Note: I have been corresponding with Jack Hiner of SAM 117. He really likes Spirit of SAM competition and has some things to say about 1S chargers. The new SOS rules specify  a maximum of 160mAh 1S cell for the motor battery.)

Jack writes:
"Both chargers are designed to have the single cell Lipo plugged directly into the charger.  The Four-Play (on the left) only has the connector for the smaller single cell Lipo such as the Thunder Power single cell 160mAh.  The Hitec X4 has 4 different connectors for each port so it's more versatile.  Connectors are designed for just so many insertions so I use jumpers for both chargers.  If the jumper or extension connector gets damaged over time just replace the jumper.  Hobby King USA sells a 5 pack of these extensions for a little over $2 when I got mine.  10 cm long and known as "Mini Plug Extensions For Micro Battery 10 cm".   E-Flite calls these connectors "Pico Plugs".  So get that SOS model modified and flying per the new rules.  These jumpers can also be used for the male and female connectors on radio installations and test equipment."

Monday, December 15, 2014

Southwest Regionals Map - New Location for RC Field

Bob Angus, the Contest Director mailed a map and event schedule to me for RC events at the Southwest Regionals in Eloy this coming January 18, 19 and 20. Watch out for speed traps set on the exit off of I-10. (Those in the Roadrunner Squadron know of which I speak!)

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Richardson RC Club Antique/Vintage RC Fun Fly

The Richardson RC Club is planning a Vintage/Antique Fun Fly for May 30, 2015

Location: Princeton TX
Site  Richardson RC Club Field
Contest Director: Ed Kranz; Phone 214-673-9698; Email
Visit Website:  RRCC.ORG  

On behalf of the South Central Region of the Vintage RC Society, and Chapter 4 of the Society of Antique Modelers (SAM), The Richardson RC Club would like to invite you to come out and enjoy a day of showing off, flying, and bragging about your Vintage, Antique, Pioneer, Classic and Nostalgia R/C Aircraft  This will be an open flying,  fellowship event.  No serious competition, just flying. All SAM and VR/CS eligible aircraft are encouraged, but any RC aircraft is welcome to participate. Raffle, lunch available, landing fee includes lunch, and one raffle ticket. RV Camping is available nearby. 

Gates Open: 8:00 AM
Pilot's Meeting: 9:00 AM  

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sandy Hogan Pylon

Bob Galler comments: "This is the last monster I build for a while. Here is the pylon prior to setting angle of attack and sheeting the 1/2 inch center with 3/8 on both sides vertical grain. Ruler gives scale. I will reduce original free flight incidence from what looks like  4 degrees down to 2 for RC."

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sandy Hogan Balanced Rudder

Bob Galler reports:

The framing is done and covering is next. Per a suggestion Jim Correll, I made it (the rudder) balanced and used a hinge of carbon tube with piano wire. It looks large to me but will probably do the job. However, it does not look large when test-mounted on the stab or next to wing!
Sandy Hogan Fin/Rudder Combination

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Bob DuBois' Old Timers

A shot of Bob DuBois' models at Balloon Fiesta Park.
Can you name these models?

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sandy Hogan - continued

Bob reports on the stab: Well not covered but structural. I opted for another smaller but hard balsa spar, instead of half ribs as the wing has, to save weight. LE clamped in place for gluing.
We note that the SH has sub-rudders!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Richard's Stardust Special Finished!

This just in from Richard Dick. He wanted a Stardust Special and certainly did a great job on this one.

In Richard's own words: "I just finished the Star Dust Special and have attached a couple pictures. It is from Bob Holman's plans and  short kit. The wing span is 77.9 inches, 230 mm cord at the center, 660 square inches area, and under camber. The covering for the wing, tail, and fuselage is transparent red and white Ultracote. I think I'll locate the CG at 60% from the LE which is what Dave Harding advises. The power is a Hobby King KDA 36/10 motor and a Hobby King 30 A ESC. This motor has too much power, so I'll need to program a low power setting. I have yet to decide on a battery type - NiMH or NiCd. instead of LiPo - because I'll need to add weights to balance at 60%. A seven cell NiMH 900 mAhr battery pack may do the trick and these batteries are still available. The model weighs 33 oz without a battery."

Sandy Hogan horizontal stab spar

Bob's Sandy Hogan has such a huge horizontal stab, I suggested a sandwich of balsa with a "filling" of carbon fiber tow.
Bob writes: "I made the Hogan's horizontal stab lower main spar per your suggestion. It works great. It will not bust or break! The Dave Brown carbon strip excellent."

Here's a photo Bob sent with a teeny sample of his lay-up.
Carbon fiber/balsa sandwich

Monday, October 13, 2014

Sandy Hogan wing

Bob Galler reports on his BIG Sandy Hogan project:
"Here are a couple of photos. The heart and soul is done accurately. I now go in a two-prong attack. Finish the wings in hobby room, and the stab in the garage! Lots of lumber, and epoxy. "(Editor's Note: When you see the size of the model Bob is building you will understand why he needs two building sites!)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October 1 Impromptu Fun Fly

Some of our old timer fliers gather for a shot on a beautiful fall day in Albuquerque. Can you ID their models?
Left to Right: Terry, Buzz, Bob (kneeling) and Richard

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bob Galler & Cumulus

Bob Galler reports on his flights of his new Cumulus
"Flew yesterday(August 19), more realistic than most, Buzz started the model, and I finished it. Needed a slight amount of nose weight more, can move servo battery forward which should achieve it. Glide was nice, not as stable on climb as the pylon models to be expected, but the doped rip-stop looks almost like silk. Will be a good backup to a couple other contest models I have for RC electric; probably SAM LMR. For SAM Texaco I would go to a larger prop and gearbox. It had no problem at all with ROG on wet grass at our sod farm (Moriarty, NM)! It's fun to fly bigger ship."

Editor's Note: Bob has really come up with a great color combination here. It should stand out at altitude.