Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bob Galler's Dakota Bipe

Bob Galler's Dakota Bipe build in his own words:
"I hope to have it ready to fly when BFP (Balloon Fiesta Park) opens again early November. Lower wing mounting with nuts only done, then top wing. Both wings will be tied together with Dakota-looking struts which was not in the original frame.  I will cover with Ultracote- their transparent is OK, their solid is heavy, but will use it only on the fuselage. Made a steerable tail wheel because this will not be hand launched. Used Rimfire.25 motor, may go larger on the prop than the sizing program indicated because the cowling loses too much. Good for cooling, bad for thrust. Not for competition because it was released in 1949. But could be in Nostalgia. Maybe we could talk SAM RC to have a Nostalgia class? Right now it is legal for FF only."