Tuesday, June 5, 2018

SAM 100 Fun Fly Results

Summary of the 2018 SAM 100 Fun Fly

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Only three events were flown on Saturday, mostly in the morning. The results are listed below.

Speed 400 120/10
Jim Wiseman, Fubar, 1200 points, first place (won flyoff with Rick Holman)
Rick Holman, Fubar, 1200 points, second place (second in flyoff with Jim Wiseman)
Bob DuBois, Playboy Jr., 952 points, third place
Bob Galler, Airborn, 885 points, fourth place

Electric Texaco
Jim Wiseman, Lanzo Bomber, 3234 points, first place
Bob Galler, MG-2, 1642 points, second place, MG-2 lost on second flight (found later)
Bob DuBois, Lanzo Bomber, 551 points, third place
Vic Newton, Lanzo Bomber, DNF

Class C Glow
Rick Holman, Airborn, 428 points, first place

No events flown on Sunday – too windy to fly. Called the contest at about 1030.

Three events flown on Monday at DB field. Results below.

Skyler Raver, Golly Wock, 894 points, first place
Vic Newton, Playboy (36 inches), 879 points, second place.
Bob Galler, Clipper, 283 points, third place

Woodie Glider
Steve Moskal, Lil Bird first place -578
Bob Galler, SD 100 second place-530
Richard Dick, Gnome, third place- 318
Richard Shagam, Aquila fourth place,-297
Efrain Villa, Gentle Lady, fifth place -296

OT Glider

Bob Galler, Thermic 100 first place- 82