Sunday, February 5, 2012

Avro 560 "bones"

Avro 560 by Buzz Averill
We love to see the bare bones of a new model. Note that Buzz has posed the new Avro 560 with the 3-view below. It was the basis of his plan.

The Comet Kid

(Photo Credit: Buzz Averill)
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Buzz and the Avro 560

Buzz Averill shows his Avro 560 for Speed 400 Scale Duration at the first meeting of SAM 100. On the couch during the "lecture" are Bob Gellar and Steve Riley. The Comet Kid is in the background behind Buzz. Buzz noted that he wanted to re-engineer the fuselage to follow the full-size practice of a totally stringered and built up structure. This in an attempt to counter that extremely short nose moment. His method of mounting the Speed 400 can and simulating the two cylinder Tomtit engine is really ingenious!
The little Avro 560 was the center of attention that evening

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(Photo Credit: Mary Moskal)