Monday, October 20, 2014

Richard's Stardust Special Finished!

This just in from Richard Dick. He wanted a Stardust Special and certainly did a great job on this one.

In Richard's own words: "I just finished the Star Dust Special and have attached a couple pictures. It is from Bob Holman's plans and  short kit. The wing span is 77.9 inches, 230 mm cord at the center, 660 square inches area, and under camber. The covering for the wing, tail, and fuselage is transparent red and white Ultracote. I think I'll locate the CG at 60% from the LE which is what Dave Harding advises. The power is a Hobby King KDA 36/10 motor and a Hobby King 30 A ESC. This motor has too much power, so I'll need to program a low power setting. I have yet to decide on a battery type - NiMH or NiCd. instead of LiPo - because I'll need to add weights to balance at 60%. A seven cell NiMH 900 mAhr battery pack may do the trick and these batteries are still available. The model weighs 33 oz without a battery."

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