Monday, December 29, 2014

More About SOS From Jack Hiner

(Editor's Note: Jack Hiner has been making a careful study of SOS potential subjects vis a vis the new battery rules. He has taken the scientific method of testing motors, ESCs, and batteries.)


I soldered up test jumpers today so I could get an amp reading with the Thunder Power 160mAh 25C single cell Lipo.

The motor is an XP7-A ESC, Silver Bullet outrunner and GWS 6/5 prop.  This is the set up I use in my Miss Production for SOS tests this year.

I tried two T. P. 160 single cell packs and the highest amp reading at start up was 2.12 amps.  Second cell a bit lower.

So the XP-3A ESC should work for SOS.  Mike McIntyre may have other recommendations for ESC and SOS for 2015.

Glen Poole and I both flew SOS last time in early November.  When Glen flew early in the morning the temperature was in the upper 20's.

I waited until it warmed up to about 41 degrees and made my flights after Glen left for home.

My SOS Miss Production is ready for 2015 rules and I plan on flying it a Eloy in January, 2015.


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