Monday, December 29, 2014

Single Cell Chargers - A Working Review From Jack Hiner

(Editor's Note: I have been corresponding with Jack Hiner of SAM 117. He really likes Spirit of SAM competition and has some things to say about 1S chargers. The new SOS rules specify  a maximum of 160mAh 1S cell for the motor battery.)

Jack writes:
"Both chargers are designed to have the single cell Lipo plugged directly into the charger.  The Four-Play (on the left) only has the connector for the smaller single cell Lipo such as the Thunder Power single cell 160mAh.  The Hitec X4 has 4 different connectors for each port so it's more versatile.  Connectors are designed for just so many insertions so I use jumpers for both chargers.  If the jumper or extension connector gets damaged over time just replace the jumper.  Hobby King USA sells a 5 pack of these extensions for a little over $2 when I got mine.  10 cm long and known as "Mini Plug Extensions For Micro Battery 10 cm".   E-Flite calls these connectors "Pico Plugs".  So get that SOS model modified and flying per the new rules.  These jumpers can also be used for the male and female connectors on radio installations and test equipment."

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