Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Terry Tombaugh's Miss America

Terry Tombaugh has been flying up a storm with his new Miss America. I asked him for some data on the model and he gave a very thorough description and some neat pics. Here's the description by Terry.

"3.86 lbs all-up weight without battery. So far I've used a 3S 3A and 3S 3.3A  battery. This adds 260-300 gms. of weight and keeps the CG at about 33-35% as specified on plans.  Later  I will try a 2650 or 2200 3S and move the CG back a little. It flies perfectly at 33-35% throttle so there's no rush to do this.  It uses a Turnigy 3548/5   900kv motor, Xoar 13 X 6 prop, 90 Amp ESC (more than necessary but it's what I had on hand.)  The graphics are made by Callie Graphics. I told her to duplicate the earlier order from Buzz for his Miss America. The plans (reproduced from the originals) from Bob Holman show that exact fuselage graphic and stripe. The heavier Du-Bro wheels put the CG 33-35% without adding nose weight. It glides very flat for that vintage of old timer. Not as responsive to light lift as my Playboy 80 (built by Buzz) but that weighs only 2 lbs. But it can fly extremely slowly without stall or loss of control authority.  Maintains altitude at one click below half throttle and climbs in a head wind at that setting .  I get 21-23 minutes duration on a 3S 3A  battery at that setting. All Ultracote, standard weight covering."

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